Curriculum Guide - Graduation Requirements

To prepare Michiganís students with the knowledge and skills needed for the jobs in the 21st Century, the State of Michigan has enacted a rigorous set of statewide graduation requirements, the Michigan Merit Curriculum, that are among the best in the nation. By meeting these requirements, graduates from the Lake Linden-Hubbell School District will be well-prepared for future success in college and the workplace.  

To graduate with a diploma from the Lake Linden-Hubbell School District, a student must pass each of the classes listed below, and earn the minimum number of credits.  Students must also diligently plan, prepare for, and complete either the Michigan Merit Examination or the equivalent MI-Access tests as scheduled by the district.

Students enrolled in the Special Education program may have these requirements altered through their IEPís or through a personal curriculum, however such alterations may result in the students earning a certificate of completion instead of a diploma.  Such alterations should be discussed thoroughly by the IEP team so that all possible ramifications are understood.

         English 9
English 10
English 11
English 12

         Algebra I
Algebra II
Math Elective*

         Physical Science
Chemistry or Physics

         World History
U.S. History
Economics (semester)
Government (semester)

         Physical Education**

         Computer Applications

         Visual or Performing Arts Elective***

         Foreign Language****

         Additional elective credits to total 44 credits.

*All students are required to earn eight credits in math.  Two of those credits must be earned during the senior year.  The math elective credits may or may not be the last course taken in this sequence.  In addition to traditional math classes, the math elective credits may also be met by taking Accounting, Building Construction, Auto Mechanics, Nursing Assistant, and Physics.

**Two years of JROTC will also meet the Physical Education requirement.

***There are a variety of ways to meet this requirement, including any class from the Applied Arts, Performing Arts, or Visual Arts sections of the course catalog, as well as several virtual classes.

****The foreign language requirement applies only to the class of 2016 and beyond.  To meet the requirement, students must complete four credits in the same language.

A total of forty-four credits are required for graduation.  The commencement exercises will include only those students who have successfully completed all requirements as outlined above.

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