Curriculum Guide - General Information

Course Withdrawal

A student may withdraw from a course without penalty during the first three weeks of the semester.  If the course is a 9 week class, this would apply to the marking period.  If a student drops the course after this period, they will receive a failing grade for the semester.

Credit Policy

A student who successfully completes a one semester of a course that meets one period per day will earn one credit.

A student who successfully completes an approved, one semester, two or three credit hour course through dual enrollment, will earn one credit.

A student who successfully tests out of a one semester course that meets one period per day will earn one credit.

A student who successfully completes one semester of a CCISD Career and Technical Education class that meets two periods per day will earn two credits.

Credit Requirements for Class Standing

Promotion of middle school students to the next grade level is made on an individual basis by the principal, in consultation with the studentís teachers and the guidance counselor, based on the studentís current level of achievement, potential for success at the next level, and emotional, physical, and/or social maturity.

A high school studentís progress toward graduation and receiving a diploma is determined by completing required coursework, earning the necessary credits and passing ACT/MEAP tests.  A student is only promoted when the necessary requirements are met, or the student has completed the goals and objectives of an Individualized Education Plan.  It is the studentís responsibility to keep in contact with the guidance counselor to ensure that all requirements are being met.

The following number of earned credits designates the grade in which the student will be registered:

            9th Grade         Students who have earned six (6) or fewer credits.

            10th Grade       Students who have earned seven (7) to eighteen (18) credits.

            11th Grade       Students who have earned nineteen (19) to twenty-eight (28) credits.

            12th Grade       Students who have earned twenty-nine (29) credits or more.


Any student who participates in any extra-curricular event including, but not limited to, athletics, student work staff, cheerleading, annual staff, student council, quiz bowl and managers, must comply with the following eligibility criteria:

         A student carrying the standard of six elective and required hours must pass five of the six hours.

         A student carrying seven elective and required hours must pass six of the seven hours.

         A student carrying five or less hours must pass all of them.

The eligibility status of a student having a schedule that is customized to address an individual need will be subject to review by a team consisting of the principal, athletic director and at least one of the following people: coach, advisor, counselor, or teacher.  A decision made to determine extra-curricular participation for the assessment week will remain in effect until the course grade is raised to eligibility status or until the following Monday of the event season.  A minimum of a D- is requires for passing status.

Grade Point Average

Unified Grading Scale

Lake Linden-Hubbell School District has a standard grading procedure to indicate the extent to which a student has acquired the necessary learning in each class.  Students are generally assigned grades based upon test results, homework, projects and classroom participation.  Each teacher may place a different emphasis on these areas in determining a grade and will so inform the students at the beginning of the course work.  Questions about the grading of a particular class should be directed to the teacher.  The grading system is as follows:

            100 Ė 94%          A

            93-90%               A-

            87-89%               B+

            84-86%               B

            80-83%               B-

            77-79%               C+

            74-76%               C

            70-73%               C-

            67-69%               D+

            64-66%               D

            60-63%               D-

            59% or less         E

            Incomplete         I        There is still work to be completed prior to issuing a final grade.

            Passing              P       Sufficient work was completed, but a letter grade was not issued.

            Unsatisfactory   U       Insufficient work was completed, but a letter grade was not issued.

Semester Grade Determination

Students will receive a semester grade based on the two marking periods and the semester exam.  The marking period grades are 1.5 times their normal weight, and the semester exam is weighted as one.  Using the eleven-point system shown below, the marking period grades and the exam grade are added together, and then divided by four to determine the numerical value of the semester grade.  If the resulting number is between whole numbers, it is rounded up at .5 or higher, and rounded down if it is less than .5.  If any two of the three grades are failing grades, the semester grade is automatically a failing grade.  In the event that there are only two grades (student exempt from taking the semester exam), the grades will be averaged using the eleven point scale.

            Letter Grade               Marking Period           Semester Exam

                        A                                  16.5                             11

                        A-                                 15                                10

                        B+                                13.5                             9

                        B                                  12                                8

                        B-                                 10.5                             7

                        C+                                9                                  6

                        C                                  7.5                               5

                        C-                                 6                                  4

                        D+                                4.5                               3

                        D                                  3                                  2

                        D-                                1.5                               1



            First M.P.                     Second M.P.                 Sem. Exam                  Semester Grade

            A (16.5)                       B (12)                          C+ (6)                           B+ (8.62)

            B+ (13.5)                     B+ (13.5)                     A (11)                          A- (9.5)

            E (0)                            C+ (9)                           E (0)                            E (2 failing grades)

            A (11)                          B (8)                            Exempt                        A- (9.5)

Overall Grade Point Average

A studentís overall or cumulative grade point average is the numerical average of all of his or her semester grades on a four point scale as listed below.  Each semester grade is converted to a number on the four-point scale, they are added, and the sum is divided by the total number of grades.  The overall grade point average is used to determine sports eligibility and honor roll, and is typically used for college admissions and scholarship applications.  Semester grades of P or U are not included in any grade point average computation.

            A          4.0

            A-         3.67

            B+        3.33

            B          3.0

            B-         2.67

            C+        2.33

            C          2.0

            C-         1.67

            D+        1.33

            D          1.0

            D-        0.67

            E          0         

Academic Grade Point Average

A studentís academic grade point average is figured in the same manner as the overall grade point average, but using only grades from courses that are academic in nature.  Courses that are hands-on, such as art, band, physical education and woods are not included in the academic grade point average.  The academic grade point average is used to determine the Valedictorian and Salutatorian, membership in the National Honor Society, and Senior Honor Students for Commencement.  For a complete list of courses excluded from the academic grade point average, see the guidance counselor.

Honor Roll

The Honor Roll is posted after each quarter, and is based on the overall grade point average for the quarter.  In the high school, honor roll designation is divided into three parts: All Aís (4.00), 3.5 to 3.99, and 3.00 to 3.49.  The middle school honor roll is also based on the overall grade point average for the quarter, but is separated into only two parts: All Aís (4.00) and 3.00 to 3.99.

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