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Applied Arts

Architectural Drawing

Grade Level: 9-12
Elective: One year - 2 credits
Prerequisites: None

This is an introductory course in architectural design.  Students will develop skills utilizing common drafting equipment and learn the rules and proper techniques of drafting.  This course will allow students to learn the fundamental skills to plan, design, and develop residential drawings.  Residential building processes will be introduced to help students understand how their designs will be constructed.  Students will also be introduced to architectural software programs as they use them to develop their plans.


Grade Level: 9-12
Elective: One year - 2 credits
Prerequisites: None

This course is designed to allow the student to develop an understanding of basic drafting, and as an introduction to AutoCAD. Students will learn the techniques and applications used in the production of technical drawings. Multi-view, isometric, sectioning, architectural, and layout are covered, with primary emphasis given to learning the proper techniques and procedures used in industry.

Project Based Engineering

Grade Level: 9-12
Elective: One year - 2 credits
Prerequisites: None

This course will utilize hands-on activities to explore various engineering fields.  Students will engage in teamwork, research, and problem solving to conceptualize, design and build projects that solve engineering challenges.  Students will utilize drawing skills, various computer software packages, and technical communication skills to design, illustrate, and present their projectís overall process.


Grade Level: 9-12
Elective: One year - 2 credits
Prerequisites: None

This course is designed to give students a general understanding of project design and construction. Students will learn shop safety, tool identification, and how to properly use various power tools. Each student will learn the basics of drafting and how to draw a project plan using multi-view and isometric drawings. The students will then take the plan into the shop and construct the project. Other topics covered in this course include wood identification, use of abrasives and fasteners, and finishing techniques.

Advanced Industrial Arts I, II, III

Grade Level: 10-12
Elective: One year - 2 credits
Prerequisites: Woods

This course expands upon the skills learned in Woods. Students design and build a project of choice, which requires the use of fine carpentry skills. Advanced woodworking techniques are implemented into each studentís projects.

Building Construction

Grade Level: 11-12
Elective: One year - 2 credits
Prerequisites: Woods

The focus of this course is on light residential construction. A wide variety of practices and techniques are covered, including: building codes, blueprint reading, building site layout, foundations, rough framing, roofing, siding, drywall, and painting. Hands-on experience will be emphasized by building wood-framed structures and by completing a variety of construction-related tasks. Field trips and guest speakers are also used to illustrate the construction process.

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